Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why? Why? ( He didnt bring me to see his family)

This is to be happend not so long pun. If im not mistaken, last 2 months. I push him to tell me the problem and why it is so hard for him to take me to his brothers or his family. I really need to know his family la... Then he said something yg memang i rasa i wanna bang her bold head tu.

- Pakcik kat kampung nak jodohkan i dengan sedara dekat kat sana. She is a teacher.
- Bila pakcik cakap macam tu?
- After i met u last 2 yrs....

Wah2... and baru sekarang nak reveal.. im so pissed of with this guy la. He is so secretive la. When i did not tell him what he wanna know.. pandai plak marah. So now? Shut!!! Im so sad, and cried. Bodoh...But i cant help myself la.. my tears easily keluar like hujan..huhu...

- Then u decide, if u want me, u have to stand in front ur uncle..sapa2 la yg bagi cadangan kawin that gurl tu yang u want me la...
- Ok.. thats what i did selama ni..
- So u have to make up ur mind la.. dont make me waiting so long... umur i makin meningkat!!
- I akan usaha lagi.. pls wait for me
- Or we break je la.. U kawin with that gurl
- No i wont... i want u...

End. I geram. Actually i dah cakap nak clash with him. Then he cried. And i cant tahan jugak and cried also. So dramatic.. this is because i love him so much.. huhu.. That would be great if i didnt love him so much, so that anything happend later.. im ok and boleh tahan perasaan ni. huhu

Ya Allah, give me strenght to face all this dugaan...

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