Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How He Met My Parent

Now i nak recall balik, how my bf meet my parents. That time tak jumpa at my house coz my mom look after her grandson kat umah my brother. Then my mom masak laksa. Ermm best lak bila teringat laksa tu..huhu..

He promised want to meet them at 8pm. End up i fetched him at Masjid Bangsar coz he sesat. Huhu.. he confused dengan 1 signboard. And when i asked him, he said, signboard is one problem, the major prob is "He nervous". So when he meet mak and ayah, Nampak la, he was so nervous..

Mak & ayah pun like didnt know what to ask him.. funny la. Maybe because this is the first time i bring back my bf. Then my bf pun feel down jugak. He claimed my family tak ska him. Ye ke? No la, mak and ayah said they ok je with him. Look ok je.

At least i bring him to meet my parents after 4 months knowing each other. Im really sincered with him. But im so sad until now, he never bring me and meet his family. I know that his parents were already passed away, but yet, he has brother also live in KL. He actually can bring me to see them. So that i dont feel like now.. Feel like he has a secret or what. Im always wondering, is he a married guy or what? Huhhh.. if it is true.. Memang i sumpah dia 7 Keturunan tak bahagia... Sungguh. I will. Tapi i wont see any Bomoh la.. No such things.. Khurafat.. :)

I used to asked him to give me his ic no all.. and he give me. Until now, i dont do anything pun. Ingatkan nak riki2 Pejabat Agama ke, nak tgk status. But i didnt do it. Tak reti nak start dari mana.huhu... Is he married?? huhuhu

So untill last months, its puzzled me. But then he reveal after i paksa dia.. Will tell in the next entry.

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