Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tentang Hati

16 August 2011-Date for this blog to be born..

This can be my blog and my diary nak lepaskan all my feeling kot, hepi or sad.. i will write in here. Actually dah lama nak luahkan. And now, i think i can use this method kot. Thru my blog.

For the start, i will write bout my bf, Now da Ramadhan, when i think it back.. almost 3 years kot i kenal my bf. Yes, i remember, i know him masa i sedang giler ngan chat2 in chatroom. Yup, masa tu, after Raya, i went back to KL. Raya time tu make me cant breathe kot, all the people nak tanya, when will i want to settle down.. find a good man and marry.. have kids all. So its make me annoyed. Terus i balik KL and luckily mak and ayah nak temankan. So we raya at KL. Puasa 6 di KL. I chat with him, and i donno why, i feel very comfortable.. maybe because he dont talk notty like many chatters yang horny kat chatroom tu. So i chat..and chat.. and chat.. till he want to meet me. Erkk.. At that time, me at KL and he was at JB(Untill now pun he's there).

So i just say yes, and agreed to met him. From JB he drove after work. I said i dont want to go out late. So he tried to arrive KL as fast as he can. At that time.. he show me his full effort. huhu.. melt...

First met, not bad la, although im kind of terkejut, he is so tall and big kot. Me? rendah and chubby. Ermm.. Then we just have dinner kat Kerinchi. Makan2. Dia jenis yang tak bercakap banyak. He said to me yang dia memang pendiam. Erkkk.. Then malam tu, lain. He can speak and we just sembang like kenal lama. Maybe because in the chat room we reveal so many things kot. Pasal character masing2, family and banyak lagi. So we dont have any kesukaran masa bersembang.

After that, he went to his brother. So i balik umah. Surprisingly jugak, i boleh naik kereta dia, on the 1st meet altho all my loving friends dah warning me earlier. Im not sure why at that time i feel so tak kisah. Buatnya he is bad person, maybe i dah takde today pun. :(. Jangan la ada org bodoh yang follow my steps ni. I just lucky i met a good guy. No hidden agenda.

After that nite, we met again. And we were out like couple. Ermm.. Too early for us. But like i said earlier, i donno y i jadi camni. Crapssss...

Then when he went back to JB, we still texting, untill one nite tu, we decided to try build love relatinship. :). Hati berbunga riang masa tu. So happy. Suddenly i ada bf. Memang i tak dapat nak describe that moment. One word je.. HAPPY. That was almost 3 yrs back.

A lot of things i wanna write here. Just for the beginning. Thats how i met my bf. will cont.

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