Thursday, August 18, 2011

My bf is super sensitive guy, me?

Yesterday, just one sms. He sent me morning wish sms. And i replied. Just that. Working as usual. Did not want to think bout him sangat. Just biarkan je.

After terawikh, mata da lowed. On lappy jap, X sempat Alizarin, then terus off sbb tak tahan. Sleep... ( Alizarin? what? Later will write bout it )

515am : Alarm ring for sahur.

Tgk my sony hp blink2 green lite, ada sms :

- Yang... awak senyap je today :( - Sent 12.05am)

I just sat on my bed. Yeah la.. just one sms yesterday... then i reply :

- Salam B, Sahur time :)

Just that and until now he did not text me anything pun. Merajuk kot. He is so sensitive unfortunately he did not care bout my sensitivity also. Since im with him.. banyak I sedih dari gembira.. Tapi itu juga yang i pilih. :( So cannot blame other people la.. the prob is from me.

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