Sunday, August 21, 2011


Last nite i cant sleep. Maybe coz of penat sangat. Too much activities during the day until nite. Bake biscuit la plak. So i feel so tired and i cant sleep. Yesterday on the way to Mid Valley, My boyfriend text me :

- Yang, u buat pe ni?

- I nak pi MV, Shopping Raya

- U Nak beli apa?

- Barang2 raya

- Ok.. My sweet.. *****

- I just put Smiley face

- I love and miss u

- I love u too ( I didnt reply miss him.. coz i tak berapa sure, yang i missed him )

Then i just do my things.. Balik, berbuka puasa... and terawikh... bake biscuit... and guling2 on my bed until 4am..i sleep.

This morning, wake up.. no texting from him pun. Biarla, My feeling toward him da kurang kot. Dont bother to text him asking y he didnt sms me like i did dulu2

- B, u tak text i, u tak sayang i lagi ?

- No la sayang, B ada keje tadi. Dont say that

That kind of text i wll send to him dulu if he diam. But no, takpela... If he still miss me, he will text me. Huhu.. Complicated sungguh. My heart is complicated. huhu

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