Saturday, August 27, 2011

Balik Kampung

Yesterday me and my brother balik kg. So now already two days at my hometown.. Happy. My bf just to sms me just now.

-Yang, awk balik kampung bila?
-I da balik semalam.

Maybe he bangang, coz im not telling him. But i have my own reason y im not telling him. I just wanna to have gap kot. Dont wanna be to attached to him sangat. I pernah kecewa setahun lepas coz he broke his promise to come to my house. So this year, i dont want to ask him to come and see my parents., Also i did not invite him for beraya pun. Biar la. Daripada i sakit hati by his rejection. Baik i biarkan je. No invitation pape. senang citer.

While having a conversation with my cousin, she also asking me bout my relationship with my bf. As usual, i also dont have a good answer to her question coz i also dont know my future with him. Sangat kesian dengan idup i ni.

Why my life is too complicated. :(

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