Monday, August 22, 2011

Chatting with my neighbour

Last Friday, after terawikh, i on my lappy and as usual i like to chat in irc. I chat with one guy 32 year old from KL. Surprisingly, he is from my area and OMG, he is my neighbour. This is my 1st time chat jumpa org sama tempat.

He ask for my FB but i didnt gave it. Im not sharing my FB to my chatter friend. Just adding at YM list je. Then after 10 mins chat, he told me that he alone now, about a year ago, his wife was passed away. The date i chat with him is exactly 1 year his wife passed away.

I terkedu. I tetiba over. I feel sad and try to put myself on his shoes. If i were at his place, what im gonna do. My bf did not reply me during last raya pun i panik. I feel empty. Dia plak wife takde. Meninggal. Takkan dapat balik although menangis air mata darah pun.

Then we chat and chat.. he wanna know me. But when we exchange pic.. both of us tak kenal pun. KL... neighbour satu building pun tak kenal. Although we take same lift. But yet we donno each other. huh.

So tu la 1st time i chat terkena org satu area umah. Funny, i jarang nak sembang with my neighbour. If jumpa in lift pun. just smile2 je. Sekali bila chat with this mamat, we chat about our neighbourhood, house management and many more bout our house.


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