Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Awal Bercinta- Early Stage

Ok.. tak sampai a day pun i created this blog, i wanna write lagi. Idea tengah melimpah2 and memory is still fresh. So i log in and start this en3. Ok, for the first few months.. i felt so happy by having my bf with me(Altho secara maya coz he is not in KL) but i still happy. Every morning i'll receive good morning text, before sleep good nite wishes.. Ermm love is in the air la katakan. I miss that moment. Sungguh.

Not meant that now i dont receive this all sms's but the quantity is lesser. But i pun not give a hope also. Ada..ada la, if takde.. no prob. To that extend.. :). My heart is complicated. Even me myself, cannot figure out my feeling toward him now. Am i love him like the olds day? or my love dah tawar? ermm.. ntah la.

Dulu, sepanjang hari i in the office, me and him always texting.. but i also make my work done. Just happy texting.. love2 text.. sayang2 all... He will asked what i had for my lunch la.. very the caring one la.. huhu.. And i tak kisah telling him..

-Yang, today i wear baju kurung kuning la... merah la... , i pakai blouse hijau la.. itam la...
-Hari ni, i hv my lunch with all my best fren la..
-Hari ni , i miss u so much la..

All the love2 texting gitu.
Every single things yang he ask, i dont mind telling him. Thats love kot. Dulu2, when i was young, cinta2 monyet, i feel ridicolous, semua pun nak reveal.. maybe i got my ex yang tak kisah nak tanya eveything yang remeh and kecik2 kot. But my new bf ni, he just love to know all bout me. So i just follow his way. Not a difficult things to do pun.

Still remember, When I was shopping at Ikea. At that time, he was at his brothers house near Ikea. So he came and accompanied me, masa tu awal2 bercinta, i Jenis yang walk fast. Just tanak penat sangat. So i memang suka jalan laju to get my things fast and can save time duk lama2 kat sana. Then i noticed he's not with me, but far from me. Then when i wanna go home, i park my car at P2 and his at P1. I amik barang yang dia tolong bawak, Dia tak bagi, and dia hantar sampai ke kereta. Maklumla, i dah lama tak bercinta. B4, everything done by me sendiri.

Then when we out for movie that nite, he said :

- Awak tahu tak siang tadi kat Ikea, Saya just tengok awak dari jauh je. Saya nampak awak masih tak bersedia nak berjalan dengan saya. Awak nampak tak selesa bila saya disebelah. Even masa pegang barang2, awak nak buat sendiri and tak perlukan saya pun untuk hantar ke kereta. Saya ni ur bf kan.. So try la accept saya untuk berada bersama awak-

Sentap jugak at that time. He observed. And i really tak perasan all those things. To me, benda tu remeh sangat je. So from there, i try la buat mcm yang he said to me. Some of my activities kat KL i share with him. Today i kuar with A.. Yesterday i bought new blouse.. Tomorrow i'll plan to masak2 kek... And he love that kind of things la. Sharing. When come to think bout that, logik jugak, if we were not share some activities kami, when we will know each other. Maklumla, jumpa pun jarang sekali.

I wonders how he layan his ex gf dolu2.. Ermm but of course, i cant hold any longer in my mind if i wanna know bout anythings. Then i text him asking bout that. He wont tell at the 1st place, but i push him to tell. Then he said he treat his ex like he treat me now. No wonder la.. Dia dah biasa caring2 ni. Just i je la yang tak biasa.

Thats another 2 years back punyer citer. :) ( For now...will write later) I need to catch my 2 yrs memory and write in here.

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