Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My 1st day

Yesterday was actually my 1st day i started my class. Ermm so tired maaa... but its ok. I hope to finish my study soon.. InsyaAllah. Moga dipermudahkan oleh Nya. My best fren came to Kl. So we just lepaking at our fav coffee house. @ 10 i hd dinner.. sambil minum2 coffee, we just gossiping bout her and mines. Telling each other perkembangan semasa. Maklum be4 we used to share almost every single story. So now, bcoz she's not in KL so when we met, gossip sampai tak sedar semua org disekeliling. Not enough story2 @ coffee house, we cont at my house.

I was about to sleep when our friend called. Actually she called my friend ni. So i just heard. From the facial expression of my best friend ni, mcm tak best. Hati berdegup kencang. @ the coffee house tadi, we did gossiping bout this fren also. I named her as S. S said she found that her current bf hd another girlfren. WTF!!! Jantan ni memang sial. Huh.. masa nak usha S, mcm2 dia usaha ye. At the first place S did not want to be Jantan sial ni nyer gf pun. She said that she is not ready yet. Then my fren asked S how she khow bout this other gf? She said she was read bf's sms. Huhu... And her bf is still sleep in her house. Kalau aku, dah suh Jantan tu blah.. wuaaaa.. Sial sangat. So today mood i nak maki dia puas2.

So pity of S. Ermm... but i just dont know y i feel so hurt. Ermm then i know, it is because i put myself on her shoes. What if my bf yg sengal tu do the same things to me. Of course i lagi takut compared to S. It is coz my bf i far away from me. He can do anything la kat belakang me. I used to check his handphone dulu2, altho i dont smell anything yg pelik2, but when come to think back. Boleh je he deleted all the suspicious sms before met me pun kan. Terus i plak cannot sleep. Very The Emo la plak semalam...huhu.. Ya Allah, hope anything goes well for me.. Amin.

Note : Hope everything goes well today.. InsyaAllah

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