Friday, February 24, 2012

Emosi lagi

Huh... sad..sad and sad. Altho im happy last 2 days because something that i really hope to happend, menjadi spt yang dikehendaki. But im still sad.. sad because im all alone. I hate this feeling. My bf is suck. He did not know im sad. Sad because of him. Too slow. Sampai bila i need to wait for him. Apa rahsia yang dia sembunyikan. My best friend is getting marry soon. When hear about that, im happy for him, but i feel empty. My friend is so happy counting the day. But me? Cant do anything.. because did not know bout my future with him.

Last week, i met one guy. Look ok and nice man. Do i need to erase my bf from my heart and try to befriend with the new guy? He always texting and sometime call me. I try to talk to him. Ok je. Next week, he ask me for wayang. ermm.. i said yes. So hope i can treat him good. I dont want to waste my time waiting my slow bf kot.

I da mcm gile.. asik tulis i hate my bf.. nanti i overwrite..say i love him pulak. Mad.

Pape pun. hope yang terbaik happend in the future. Amin

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