Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Falling in love AGAIN

Ermm lately ni i da left this blog behind. This blog is dedicated to wrote down all my sadness and frustration towards my bf. But now.. it turn to be upside down. Huhu.. last 4 months i tried to avoid him, but after that, after he came down to see me. I melt and fall in love again. We just lovey dovey again. huhu... i donno what is going on inside me. i love him so much. Damn la...

Always texting and calling. Saying loving2 word... love u..miss u.. hug u.. kiss u... So i donno la. So now he knew that i cant live without him la kot. Serve me right.. WTF.

Ok la.. donno what to write also. got to go.. just in here to remind me.. i hv this platform to release my stress.

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